Sucre, the capital city

As the historic and constitutional capital of Bolivia, this city is abundant with colonial style streets, churches and chapels.

After a 11-hour bus ride from La Paz, we finally made it to Sucre. The bus terminal was located just 15 minutes away from Kultur Berlin hostel in the historic center of the city. It’s mid May and the weather is warm during the day, so we decide to walk around the main plaza of Sucre where you’ll find the Metropolitan Cathedral, museums, shops and restaurants.

sucre 1
Metropolitan Cathedral
Sucre 3
Streets of Sucre

Our First stop was a “Casa de la Libertad” museum. This museum is a must for those who like history as this is the place of Bolivia’s birth where the declaration of independence was signed. At the museum you’ll also find portraits from Simon Bolivar (liberator of Bolivia) to Evo Morales, the current head of state. The entrance fee is 15 bolivianos or $2 USD and the guided tour can be completed in less than an hour.

Sucre 2
Casa de la Libertad

After having some decent pizza at Pizzeria Napolitana Restaurant (I say decent because with pizza it can always be better!) we took a long walk to the top of Sucre to visit La Recoleta Museum. Rather than recommending visiting the museum that even today still serves as a convent, Plaza Anzures is definitely worth visiting as you’ll find great views of Sucre while having a snack at Café Gourmet Mirador.

Sucre 4
Museo de La Recoleta
Sucre 6
View from Cafe Gourmet Mirador

As I mentioned in my previous Bogota story, going to a soccer or football game in South America is a must! Usually most league games are played on the weekends but sometimes there are games during the week as well. We went to see the local team Universitario against Nacional Potosí at Patria Stadium and although the stadium wasn’t packed, many goals were scored as the game ended 3-3!!

Sucre 5
Estadio Olimpico Patria

Sucre is a beautiful city with lots of history and it can easily be covered in a day or 2. Is the perfect example of a colonial style city in South America.

Next stop: Potosí.